A Little Bit About Alysha ☆ (We Think She’s Awesome and We’re Pretty Sure You Will Too)

Something I think that’s really important when planning your wedding is having a strong connection with your vendors and wedding team. It’s important that you know we have your best interest at heart at all times.

It’s also really important that you feel comfortable to ask all kinds of questions, and feel like you are planning with a friend! So I decided if I’m going to ask YOU a bunch of questions about your love story and life, you should know a little more about me!

So while I write this post about myself here are a few Behind The Scene things that are happening…

Step one: “Alexa, put on Taylor Swift”
Step two: Making my French Press coffee, stare at Baileys, and think “Naaaah, it’s Monday, not Sunday”
Step three: Head into my home office that I just renovated and open my laptop.

I hope you are curled up on your couch with a coffee and baileys, or better yet if it’s past 5PM – a glass of wine – and reading along on our first “wedding planning date!”

…Born and raised in Stratford, Ontario on a snowy December evening…..

Okay wait, I’ll skip to the stuff we care about!

Since I am the youngest of a very large blended family of all girls, it’s only natural that I have a deep love for weddings. And when my mom Meg was planning her wedding 15 years ago, I had fallen head over heels with the idea that you can help people get married and make a career out of it! Yes, the best movie ever: “The Wedding Planner” starring J-Lo had come out, and has forever inspired me; I was hellbent determined to find a way into this industry!

Oh, and my mom Meg? She’s my number one cheerleader (and I can guarantee she will comment on all of your IG photos that I post, saying things like “Ya Girl, SHINE!” with a bunch of emojis lol).

So where is a girl to start? Let’s say it at the same time: “high school co-op!

I have a feeling you didn’t say that…That’s okay, we’ll get the next one!

I got in with a bridal store in Stratford for my high school co-op. They had just opened earlier in the year, and I was their only employee! It was awesome. I was gaining so much knowledge on not only the dresses but my eyes were opened up to so many things like suppliers for bridal shows, working fashion shows, styled shoots, what do you do with your dress after the wedding, etc. Learning all those great things at only 17 had me feeling like a queen!

I was hired on full time and loved selling dresses. Every weekend, I was able to help women like you have their “Say Yes To The Dress Moment”! So I LOVE hearing when you found your dress and all the details! So please share that with me!!

My guilty pleasure is the accessories you are pairing it with. Yes, people can have the same dress, but it’s all how you style it that will make it your own, and I love seeing that!!

I attended school at George Brown College in Toronto for my Diploma in Special Events Planning. So I although I specialize in weddings, I also do things like conferences, trade shows, product launches, and less sparkly events.

I loved Toronto, I have a thing for big cities, and I loved being there for school. Every day there was something cool happening and so many great opportunities to learn and experience. Anyone interested in getting into this field, I would for sure recommend my program. 

After college, I moved back to Stratford, and I helped open an events venue called Revival House: (revival.house) and by “helped open,” I mean I was there for the renovations, painted the baseboards, and built all of the wedding packages! It was my baby, I loved it there!

I find it extremely helpful at times for my clients when they are being told things by venue coordinators about why they can’t do something, and I am there for you like a second opinion. I speak their lingo too, I understand the domino effect of why you can’t do something or find easy ways to accomplish your vision while keeping in the venue regulations. I also come with a vast knowledge of food/beverage, different floor plans, and service. I currently have my level one sommelier and waiting for a class to open for my level two! So any questions you have on those topics I always love to help! Even better, I love grabbing dinner and trying something new, so please always share your fav dinner spots with me and we can chat there!!

During my time at Revival House, I continued my education and received my Wedding Planning Institute of Canada Certificate. I also have a deep love for fashion that really dated back to selling wedding dress days! So, last April, I applied for an internship in NYC for fashion week and spent an entire month in NYC working for a fashion company. It was really cool, even better, they had me BACK in September to work their show. This was a crazy highlight in my career and just life in general! I LOVE New York City. Michelle and I actually talk about it all the time, and we are both trying to find reasons to go back for girl trips (sorry Jeff!!).

After going on five years at Revival House and over 125 weddings on-site, so much blood, sweat and (happy!) tears, and cleaning up waaaay too many sparkles, I was ready to move onto something more that would help me grow my career!

That brings me to my new adventures with Jeff, Michelle, their perfect daughter Quinn and YOU!

Weddings are magical, it’s the moment where everything makes sense, and it’s like you’re in a literal dream. That’s all I want to do for you.

I want you to live in this amazing dreamworld, from start to finish while we take on any of the stressful moments. I want you to know that we are friends and I’m here for you! There are a million more things I can share with you, but I’ll save that for date two 😉

Speaking of which, let’s get together soon! Let’s have a glass of wine, laugh way too hard, and get lost in your Pinterest board! I’m so excited to help you plan your big day and welcome you to the Maeck Weddings Family!

Alysha xo

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