Thoughts On ☆ Garter Toss

Love is literally in the air as we speak! I’m writing this post on Valentine’s Day, listening to John Legend sing to me about  LOVE…Hello! How can you not feel all romantic and sentimental, right?! 

So while we are getting all romantic tonight and feeling like the Queens we all know we are, let’s talk wedding talk.

Candles are lit, chocolates are bought, champagne is chilling… so let’s talk about something that can be “too sexy” for some…The Garter Toss.

These are all things that I thought on my wedding night. I sure as heck know I am not alone on this! So a few things to ask yourself/reflect on as a couple: Is it tacky? Is it too sexy for us? Not sexy at all? Am I just reading too much into it? Do I have to do it? Do you want to? When do I do this? Oh my, I hope my grandma has left by the end of the night. Do people want me to do this? Do I need to wear the garter all night? What does this even mean? Is it bad luck if I skip it? Can I still toss my bouquet without tossing the garter? Do I even want to toss a bouquet?

So here are my top things to think about to see if this old-time tradition is right for you!

Do You Have a Problem With PDA? 
I mean you normally slip the garter on before it happens, and leave it on your lower thigh so it’s not WAY up there, but like, if you have a problem kissing in front of people, you might want to skip this moment… because, ya, I think that would be hard to watch if it’s not going to be a “light” and “funny” moment for those who are still rocking the night away!

Do you have a bunch of “single” men who will partake? If you have a crowd of married men or kids, I’d probably skip this moment… At a wedding when you see the five guys out on the floor, I just feel awkward watching them, because you can tell they were pushed up there. If you have a room full of friends there who will partake and laugh about it, then do it! It’s more fun to watch that!!

Stage Fright
So you can kiss in front of people, and you have all your single friends here… but do you have stage fright? It’s funny to watch, but you need to “work the room” a little, so make sure your groom has maybe had some liquid courage and is okay being on display! This all happens near the end of the night, so speeches and things are doing and it’s just the party! So liquid courage should be no problem 😉

Let The Song Play A Little!
This kinda goes hand in hand with the stage fright comment. You pick a song, you get up there to do this… let the song play for at least 30 seconds before you go under the dress and get the garter. Maybe get your awesome DJ or band to have a shorter remix of a song so it’s more exciting than playing it right from the beginning!

I’d say within the last 2 hours of the night, I would do this. I think it’s best to continue acting like the perfect gentleman that you are, especially while parents and grandparents are still there. Once the older guests had left, the party has ramped up, I would work this in! Any sooner will just be out of place and too awkward for the crowd!

Get a Toss Bouquet!
Don’t throw your own bouquet that you just spent SO much money on and spent a YEAR picking out! Keep yours, dry it out and don’t forget it at the venue! You can get a smaller bouquet that you can toss. It’s not too much money, and some florist will add them in free of charge! If you have a lighter bouquet to toss, it also won’t hurt anyone when their hand/eye coordination doesn’t line up!

Give A Practice Throw
Seriously? How hard can it be? Actually, really hard, and the number of times I’ve seen brides say “Wait! That one didn’t count…” because it legit didn’t even make it to the crowd. At home in the backyard, have something with similar weight, giver’ a toss. It seems funny to say, but at least this way you can give it a solid try and someone will catch it!

How Many Ladies Are in The Crowd?
If you have a bunch of unwed babes, then 100% toss! Kids love this, older women love it, and obviously your girlfriends will be on the floor! If you are having a smaller wedding, and think your guestlist is filled with married women who partake, then maybe skip it. Something unique: If you wanted to toss the bouquet but not many single women are out there… Find out who has been married the longest and give them your “toss” bouquet, snap a picture, boom– cute memory created. ScheduleYou can easily do this event after the dinner and traditional dances are done. What an easy way to kick off the rest of the dancing. What an easy way to get all the women up on the floor! Now you have 50 women already on the dance floor, and your DJ is going to crush it for the rest of the night! How fun!! 

Looking To Do Something Different
Have all the ladies and all the men on the dance floor near the end of the night, and toss BOTH items at the same time! Now you have one song, and 40 people on the floor, keeping their eye on the prize, as two chances are coming at them for the “good luck catch”! This also means you are not doing it alone, and your partner is up there on stage with you!

No matter what you do, it’s going to be fun and memorable because this wedding reception is YOURS. Do whatever makes you and your partner happy and comfortable. You can do anything you want and just remember to not stress over the little things.

Have fun, pick out a song, and if it happens cool, and if you change your mind, then thats cool to! Because guess what?! You are leaving your wedding reception with the best prize, your forever Valentine!

Happy Planning!

Aly xo

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