Why your Photographer isn’t your Wedding Coordinator ☆ And why you shouldn’t expect them to be!

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I think this is something we can all relate to.

We all have a job, a job description, and an area of expertise.

I am also sure we can all agree it can get very frustrating when you get put into a position where you become expected do your colleague’s job, or are required to take on a role that isn’t your own, especially without any fair warning?

Well…SURPRISE! This is an unfortunate situation that happens to many wedding vendors if a couple isn’t 100% prepared, and we want to shed some light onto a pretty big topic of discussion in the wedding industry.  Let’s chat about why your wedding photographer is not your wedding planner/coordinator (and why they will thank you for not asking them or expecting them to be!)

I had the pleasure of sitting down with our good friend, and all around amazing person Torry, Owner of Lovely Sparrow Photography. While we were laughing about life and chatting, I got down to business and asked her about this topic, and well, she has had some experience with the matter!

Torry’s short answer was: Wedding Planner = Stress Free Wedding Day for Couple = Naturally beautiful, stress free images = very happy couple! 

This is the goal, right? Everyone wants to have an amazing day aaaaaaannnnnnddddd also have amazing photos that they can remember their big day by. Amiright? 

So what’s the long answer here? Torry explained things a little further for me in three simple statements:

1)  By hiring a wedding planner, you free up your photographer to do what they do best and focus on what matters most – capturing your wedding day! Although photographers can (and most times do – because they have to) take on the role of the planner/coordinator, by hiring a planner or coordinator you free them up to focus on their craft and capture the images that will create your very first family heirloom.

2)    A wedding planner becomes the team captain and helps coordinate the team of vendors, calls the wedding day shots, makes sure that all of the hard work and countless hours (and DOLLARS!) spent on your wedding goes according to plan. This allows the couple to have an uninterrupted day and in my experience, brides who have an awesome planner by their side are much more relaxed. They’re able to live in each moment and enjoy their day without stressing if their florist has delivered the flowers, the reception is setup, and the cake made it in one piece. This peace of mind is so incredibly important to allow the photographer to capture genuine, stress-free moments with the couple, their wedding party & families.

3)    A planner is 100% dedicated to your wedding, they have the most experience putting out fires of all sorts without you even knowing they’ve happened. A great planner will allow you to enjoy your entire wedding day without anyone running to you with an emergency (whether big or small) and taking your attention away from what matters most, your marriage and celebrating with all your friends and family. When you look back at your wedding photos in the years to come you’ll remember a beautiful day celebrating your love and you can thank your wedding planner for taking care of the fine details, so you did not have to.

Lindsay Coulter, a PRO wedding photographer with more than 10 years experience and literally hundreds of weddings under her belt shared a similar viewpoint as well, saying:

“It’s important to remember that in order for your photographer to capture natural, authentic, candid moments there has to be a flow to things, and the flow is likely developed because your photographer has a steady stream of factors running through their mind: lighting, moment, energy, equipment needed, people involved, timing etc. At any given moment my brain is thinking about 30 different ways to create an image perfectly.”

If your photographer has to run off to coordinate with the caterer, officiant, help set up decor pieces etc. you’re investing your photographer’s time in the wrong places. Investing in a planner or coordinator will help you get the most out of your investment with your photographer.

Although you may have no idea you are putting this pressure on your photographer, (I am almost positive that this is never done on purpose) it can naturally happen when you are turning to someone to keep you on track for the day, keep things moving along, and answering questions along the way. When you have a planner on your team, this means your photographer doesn’t have to stop what they are doing to answer questions, or deal with something outside of their hired job.

Bottom line, your entire hired wedding team wants you to have the best day possible and have that once in a lifetime experience! We will all do whatever it takes to make your vision come to life. But at the end of the day, if you’ve paid someone to do their job, they are going to be the best at their job. Everyone is an expert in their field, so in order to make your day perfect, we always suggest that you hire the right people.

Thank you Torry and Lindsay for sharing your time and thoughts on the topic with us! We love working with you, and can’t wait to work together again soon!!

Wanna check out why we think they are soooooo amazing? Show them some love and follow them on Instagram (Lindsay and Torry) or visit their websites:

Lindsay Coulter
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Happy Planning!

XO Alysha

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