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Hi! I’m Michelle.

Wife, mother, friend, wedding planner, professional Chow Chow petter, NYC lover, and Blake Lively superfan (I’m pretty sure her and I would really hit it off).

Favourite shoes: Christian Louboutin
Favourite coffee: skinny vanilla latte with almond milk
Favourite city: New York (eeeeasy - next)
Favourite food: sushi
Favourite car: Maserati (a girl can dream, right?)

I love meeting couples that are engaged. Not only because I love talking about weddings and wedding plans but because there really isn’t an easier way to make me smile than sitting down over a glass of Kim Crawford and hearing all about a couples journey - the highs (and lows) that make each love story worth fighting for. Because that’s what we’re celebrating on your wedding day - your resilient journey to saying “I do” and your constant “yes” every day to making this work.

My favourite place to be is an aisle seat on an airplane with a coffee and a great book (probably something by Lauren Weisberger or Mitch Albom).’s not my favourite place to be but it means I'm traveling and that makes me happy. Hemmingway said, “Never go on trips with anyone that you do not love.” I guess that's why I love to travel with Jeff and our sweet one-year-old Quinn so much (that's us below!).

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When we chat with couples who are in the beginning stages of planning one of the biggest days of their lives, there is always a common thread: can you guess what it is?

They just don’t have time - they're busy and have lives they want to keep living.
Maybe that's you.

Maybe they're buying or renovating a home, and have a full-time job (maybe a side hustle, too!). They have a pupper that needs to be told how he's "such a good boy," and maybe a child (or two) and maybe, just maybe they want to have a social life, too.

Add in planning the most expensive, once-in-a-lifetime party you'll ever host and that can get a little stressful.

Does that sound like you?

Believe me, I get that. Jeff and I had a 4-month engagement (and he lived in Guatemala for almost the entire time).

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Since 2012, we have been lucky enough to work with hundreds of couples. It’s a bit crazy to say that - we never really thought we’d be as lucky as we have been to work with so many amazing couples, couples we now get to call friends, too. With a lot of hard work, couples putting their trust in us, and our team that came alongside to help us grow, we’re excited to have Alysha join our family full time as Maeck Wedding’s Lead Planner! I can hear the champagne flutes clinking!! Guys, she is just that fabulous!

We met Alysha when planning her destination wedding in 2015. We sat down with her, clicked immediately and not 5 minutes into our conversation, she hired Jeff and I to plan and officiate her wedding in Paris, France. We hit it off over Molly Bloom’s antojitos but really bonded over our love for Christian Louboutin’s, our mutual obsession with NYC and champagne. We wandered the streets of Paris together, dreaming of what a life with every Chanel or Hermes purse would be like, completely enamored with the city.

A perfect fit right from the start.

Meet Alysha!

Alysha is Maeck Wedding’s superstar lead planner and literally one of our favourite people in the world! Wait till you meet her, you will see why! But we will let her introduce herself!

Hi Everyone! I'm Alysha.

I won’t repeat all the glorious details Michelle mentioned about how we met but I will add that as soon as I met Michelle and Jeff - we instantly became family.

I’ve been in the wedding industry since 2009 and have enjoyed all aspects from selling dresses to planning weddings and fluffing them before the bride walks down the aisle.

Here's a few things you will definitely want to know about me:

1) I love my Maybelline Red Lip Stains (I have every shade possible!)
2) New York City is my home away from home
3) I live off coffee and champagne
4) Taylor Swift and I are best friends

I can’t wait to grab a coffee or two and talk all about your wedding plans xoxo

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